The woodwork team make a variety of wooden products that are either sold in the Brunswick shop or made to commission. We work from our small workshop which is based down at the Walled Garden.

Our products include nesting boxes, bird tables/feeders, insect hotels and planters and we are also currently developing new ideas for products that make use of the willow and hazel we grow onsite. Moving toward using more recycled wood for our products, when possible, is also a real aim of the woodwork team and we are therefore always on the lookout for any spare or unwanted wood or logs.

"It’s nice using the tools, it’s nice working in the workshop doing it. I like using the machines we use, the sanders and the drills and the saws. I’m good at drilling and sawing and screwing. The other thing is painting it, if we have to do it. I like building the Robin boxes and the Great Tit boxes. The bird boxes look so good when they are finished.The reindeer looked so nice, I made a lot. I’m glad it goes into the shop." - Will

"We come into the walled garden, get our tools, then come down here and start work, that’s it. I like getting back into the swing of it. I was interested in doing woodwork, I’ve been doing wooden hearts at home with my Dad. I did a hedgehog box, it was a bit of a challenge, it took about 4 weeks. I can handle the drill properly and the vices and the sander." - Alex

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