Join our Organic Veg bag scheme

Get your 5 a day from our wonderful organic veg boxes (Soil Association endorsed)!

How it works

You’ll have staples each week -  potatoes, carrots, and onions plus at least another 5 or 6 seasonal extras such as salad, tomatoes, green beans, spinach, peppers and apples. Everything is seasonal and contents will vary from week to week.

Boxes are ready to collect from the Brunswick shop from 1.30pm on Friday afternoon.

Veg bags cost just £8.00.

How to join

To join the scheme and place an order come into the shop,  download a copy of our order form, or phone us on 01904 701869.

Please make sure you send you orders a week in advance, Thursday (before 3pm) at the very latest for Friday the following week. This helps us to ensure we have enough produce available. Any order received after this time will not be processed in time and will therefore be carried over to the following week.

Sample Contents

September May 

600g Potatoes

300g Carrots

300g Onions

100g Salad Bag

400g Leeks

100g Mushrooms

200g Tomatoes

150g Peppers

300g Apples

200g Kale

500g New Potatoes

300g Carrots

300g Onions

100g Salad Bag

Spring Cabbage

200g Spinach/Swiss chard

100g Mushrooms

300g Beetroot

500g Rhubarb

400g French beans

Organic Certification U.K.5   G1903

 If you are not totally satisfied with any of the produce in the bags or just do not like a certain vegetable, we are very happy to exchange it in the shop!