Brunswick's onsite shop sells our produce and craft items, along with other carefully selected good requested by our customers.

Workers in the shop help to serve customers, manage stock, take payments and handle cash, and display goods to attract customers.

"The shop is the best part of the day. I like learning new jobs, like pricing new things for the shop and doing the price gun. We do pricing, laminating labels, cleaning, dusting, tidying the shop. We sort the cards out and put them in the rack. We check sell-by dates, stock up drinks and sort the bags. I like talking to the customers. I like team work with the staff." - Alison

"I work in the shop. I help put things out. I help with weighing and the till, sweeping and mopping the floor. I do the bags and cardboard. I empty the bin and clean the fridge. I like doing price labels and pricing cards." – David

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