If you are interested in a place at Brunswick, the first thing to do is let us know. You can phone Helen and Maja, our Workers Support Managers, by phone 01904 701869 or by filling in the forms below.

Then we will help you find out more and decide if Brunswick is right for you.


First, Helen and Maja will organise a time for you to come and visit Brunswick.  You can see the different jobs that people do here.

Taster Day

If you like it and would like to come here, we will organise a taster day for you.  A taster day means you can come and try working at Brunswick for a day.  You can tell us which jobs you think you would like to try, like crafts or cooking or horticulture.  

Trial place

If you enjoy the taster day, you can ask for a place at Brunswick.  If you have a Care Manager in Social Services, you can tell them that you would like to come to Brunswick.  

Some people organise their own services now because they have an ‘individual budget’.  If you have an individual budget, you can tell us that you would like a place.  

If we have a free space, we will offer you a trial.  A trial means you can come to work here and see if you enjoy it.  A trial usually lasts 6 weeks but it can be longer if you need a bit more time.  

If we do not have a free space, we will put your name down on a list and contact you when a space is available.

Permanent place

If you have enjoyed your trial and we think it has gone well too, we will offer you a permanent place at Brunswick!  

If you'd like to find out more, please complete our online form, or download it and email or post it to us. Then we'll get in touch to talk with you about it.