We provide a paper shredding service for confidential waste paper. All papers are treated with the strictest confidence. We involve some of our workers who have learning difficulties in processing the waste paper. This happens under close supervision.

If you are interested in using this service, please contact us or call in at the shop.  You will be given a labelled and numbered bag with a seal. Please place your papers inside the bag and seal with the tie provided.

Some of the shredded paper is placed on our compost heaps. We are trying to avoid the inclusion of materials that do not breakdown when composted.

Cost of the service is £5.00+VAT (i.e. £6.00) for up to 10kg in one bag. Each bag should not exceed 10kg in weight. Additional papers should be in a new bag and will be charged at 50p+VAT (60p) per kilo.

We can collect bags in the York area but we do charge extra for collection. contact us if you want to get a quote for collection and to arrange a time.


All papers enclosed should have staples removed. Please remove any blue tac, pins, paper clips, treasury tags and clear plastic wallets.

Please do not include:  CDs, cassettes, hard backed files, cardboard, laminated sheets, acetate sheets or cheques.