The Community and Events team help with the office jobs, including: making and receiving telephone calls, managing e-mail correspondence, computer work, creating accessible event invitations, organising tickets and researching information. Workers also handle money, for example by counting, recording and paying in income from events, or managing money for trips.

The group also produces our regular newsletters for workers, staff, volunteers and supporters.

"The Community and Events Group mainly organises all the events that go on throughout the year, including charity events and trips out. Everyone has different skill levels and Pleuni, who runs The Community and Events Group, always makes sure you have something to do and it is put to your skill level. This also means that everyone gets to help in their own way." - Sam

"I do money, emails and cards. I count the money. My favourite job is counting money and making cards for people. I do things on the computer. It is good, it means I do a job for people and a job I like to do." – Mamie

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