Every month is organic month here at Brunswick, but our friends at the Soil Association are making September a month to celebrate all things organic, and we though we’d join in.

What does organic really mean?

The term ‘organic’ gets thrown about a lot these days, but the actual definition, as used by the Soil Association, is simple. You can tell exactly where organic food comes from, it is produced using less energy (but lots of people-power!) and with respect for animals and the environment. It uses only natural fertilizers made from plants - we make our own at Brunswick!

All of this means organic food is much better for the environment, and provides jobs for people. It makes us aware of how nature works and what we can do to work with our natural resources rather than against them. At Brunswick we find this is also a very satisfying way to work with the land and produce delicious and nutritious food for our customers.

This handy little ticklist sums it all up:

Organic always means: fewer pesticides, no artificial colours and preservatives, always free range, no routine use of antibiotics, no GM ingredients. [Soil Association image]

The Soil Association rigorously inspects any organisation which (like Brunswick) wishes to brand its produce as organic. That means you can trust all our organic produce to be exactly that.

There’s lots more information and ideas about organic food on the Soil Association website, including some great giveaways and competitions. Keep any eye on our social media for some great recipes and tips this month.