Jenny joined Brunswick in December 2015. 

Experience before joining Brunswick

I have a degree in Fine Art and went on to work as a self-employed furniture maker for over 10 years. In a slight change of direction I recently retrained as an Occupational Therapist and after completing my qualification I came to work at Brunswick. 

Current roles at Brunswick

I work as a one to one support worker at the Brunswick main site, the community and events office and also in the community. I am also the group leader for the Woodwork team.

A fond Brunswick memory

I have only been working at Brunswick for a relatively short time, but already have an accumulation of many fond memories. One that fights it's way to the top is the wonderful experience of spending a fantastic whirlwind of a weekend in Munster with the remarkable Chilli BON BON attending and performing at an international dance festival. A weekend that will stay with me.

A little something about you

I am quite partial to a bracing wild swim in a clear expanse of ocean, river or lake and enjoy complete immersion into a good long distance walk, an experience only topped by the joy of stumbling across an old drovers road along the way.