Helen joined Brunswick in August 2010

Experience before joining Brunswick

I worked as an educational researcher and learning development manager at York College for seventeen years, which included raising grant funding for research and development projects. I’ve also worked in retail for Shared Earth, a Fairtrade company. As well as my role at Brunswick I currently work as a creative writing tutor and run a small business offering services to support fellow writers.

Roles at Brunswick

My main role is as a fundraiser, and I also write and edit web content and manage our Twitter feed.

A fond Brunswick memory:

There are so many (including meeting by the pond on a lovely summer day and quiet moments of consultation with our feline colleagues), but the one that sums up why I’m so happy in my job was my first successful grant application. We got money to buy a new pick up truck for Garden Services. One of the workers came up to me and said, ‘thank you for all your hard work getting the money for the truck. We’ll be able to do loads more gardens!’ The workers’ pleasure in their work, and the appreciation people show each other all the time at Brunswick fills my heart.

A little something about me

I love writing, and never leave the house without a notebook. I live with two cats, Fizz and Freya, and I love knitting, the combination of which leads to many yarn-related shenanigans at home. I tend to collect qualifications, because I love to learn, and I play more video games than generally expected for a woman of my age. My first student job was as a stripper in a cardboard factory. It’s not as exciting as it sounds…