In this area of horticulture at Brunswick the teams are involved in all the work necessary to produce a range of different plants for sale at the nursery. All the members of the Plant Production groups use their different skills and knowledge to get the end result of beautiful plants to enhance our customers’ gardens. The work includes everything from making composts, through propagation (sowing seeds, dividing plants and taking cuttings), potting up young plants, to finally putting plants out for sale. We also look after the plants throughout this time by keeping them watered, weeded and pruned where necessary.

At Brunswick we produce a range of plants for sale which includes:-

Alpine plants.

We grow a limited range of these plants which is added to by plants which are bought in from a specialist nursery in Lancashire. These plants tend to be compact and are useful for container gardens.              

Bedding plants.

Both for summer display and to give colour through the winter.

Fruit trees, bushes and strawberry plants.

Which are mostly organic.

Herb plants.

This includes annual herbs, which can be grown on the kitchen windowsill and perennial herbs, which are happy planted in the garden and provide seasoning for many years.

Perennial plants.

These are usually called herbaceous perennials and provide colour and interest in peoples’ gardens year after year.


We only grow a small range of these as they can be difficult to propagate and are often slow growing but, are worth the effort as they do provide the basic structure for most gardens.

Vegetable plants.

Most of the vegetable plants for sale are grown by the crop growing groups but we produce vegetable plants which are not grown here at Brunswick (such as asparagus and sweetcorn) and those plants which customers grow in their own greenhouses (such as cucumbers and tomatoes).

This area of Brunswick is also involved with the groups who grow flowers for sale as fresh cut flowers or for drying to sell later as whole flowers or to be used in various ways to produce craft items.

As with all areas of Brunswick the people who are kind enough to volunteer their time to help support the plant production groups are invaluable members of our teams. These volunteers also bring a range of skills, knowledge and experience which add a tremendous amount to the overall job satisfaction for everyone.

"I like working outside. Working with plants. Taking them out of an old pot and putting them in a new pot." - Ben

"I sterilise the plant pots we are given ready for planting. We are keen to recycle." - Martin

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