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At Springfest on 13th May, Brunswick will hold its third Ice Bucket Challenge event.

I've persuaded twenty five people to sign up, to celebrate Brunswick's 25th Anniversary. The more money we get, the more of those twenty five people will have to do the challenge. Here's the people and how much we need to raise before they'll get ice-bucketed!

Here is the people who've signed up with the total amount we need to do the Ice Bucket Challenge:

I've organised the Ice Bucket Challenge before. It's good fun, but a bit stressful too. I have to do a lot of money properly. I have made sponsor form. I’m getting a hang of it is not really hard work .

It makes me happy that I raised £1000 in 2017, I raised £720 in 2016. Help me make it £1250 in 2018!

Doing the Ice Bucket is freezing but it is fun! Could you please sponsor us? Just click the 'donate' button and give what you can towards our total. Help us make it 25 buckets for 25 great years at Brunswick!

Tim Community&Events