To Build a new Wood Store

13 x fence posts (1.8 meters tall, 75 x 75xm, treated timber) and 13 matching supports.

6 litres of external gloss paint, white.

6 litres of external undercoat.


We are currently looking for a new oven (our current one is 10 years old!). We'd also like a panini machine, and  new chopping boards would be a great help.

Gardening Equipment

Builders bags always welcome

Larger wheelbarrows

Petrol lawn mowers (depending on specifications)


As we are trying to reduce the amount of bought wood we use for products we make, we are always seeking spare wood that people have that is not of use, or left over from a job they have had done.

It can be soft or hard wood and it doesn't have to be clean (bits with stain/paint, dirt on can also be ok as we can plane that off). In general terms the dimension of the wood which are most useful to us would be bits that are at least 1/2 metre long, minimum of 15mm thick and at least 10cm wide. However if people have a random odd 'chunk' of hardwood, we would be able to use this for something. We are also on the look out for logs/branches as we are trying to develop a range of products made from logs. To be useful the logs/branches need to be cleanish (not too many offshoots) straightish (for at least 1/2 metre sections) and mostly at least 20mm diameter.

If you can help us with any of these items, please contact us.