Video by Simona Manni

Chilli BON BON is a dance and drama group formed in response to requests by Brunswick workers. We use sound, music, movement, film, dance, silence, tears and laughter to develop our work. We actively collaborate with other artists, performers and organisations. Many hours are spent working creatively as a group exploring who we are in the group and who we are in relation to each other. This forms a strong bond within the group and ensures community building on many levels. 

Chilli BON BON is founded upon the following principles:

  • We all have a need to connect with other fellow human beings
  • We all have a need to express ourselves and to be heard
  • 'Movement' is a necessary quality for change of any sort
  • Experiencing movement and expressing ourselves by using our body has profound impact on each of us.

Chilli BON BON have performed at many local events and festivals, and were featured on the BBC documentary 'Our Dancing Town'

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Poems by Chilli BON BON members: 

I have got legs, shoulders a head

Knees arms and fingers.

This makes me want to dance;

Because my heart feels good!

And when I feel the heat 

My heart starts singing:

I like to boogie

Stephanie Arksey

Inside me is music

It is like a rhythm

It is good for me

I love it when the music falls out of me 

This is when I dance

Please join me

Tristram Pennett