Workers in Crafts are supported by staff and volunteers to make a wide range of gifts and useful items, including hand-made gift-wrap and greetings cards, woven rugs and runners and jewellery. We aim to encourage workers to own every stage of production. The beautiful things we make are for sale in the Brunswick Shop.

"I do rugs on a loom. I am good at weaving. Staff set me up with different colours of wool and I do it on my own." - David

"I like teaching other workers how to weave too. Card making is good. We make greeting cards and Christmas cards and birthday cards. I like sticking the labels on the back and using the card folding machine and packing the cards. The best part of my day is going into Crafts to start work." - Tim

"I like working in Crafts – we listen to music, do weaving, make wrapping paper, make Christmas cards and lots of other things. Seeing my work makes me feel good." - Paul

"We pick flowers from the garden and put them in a press to dry. I like to glue them on to wrapping paper - then we use the sheet for making cards. I like taking time to do things properly." - Tracey

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