If I was not at Brunswick I would be stuck at home, we would be searching for somewhere for me to go to fill in the rest of my days and I would end up getting depressed and tetchy.

Brunswick has had a positive impact in my life in the way of upping my confidence in several areas inside and outside the office.

It has also had a positive effect in my emotional state as I am out with other friendly people.

I can now bank money independently and answer phone calls without hesitation.

I have also learnt a lot during my time at the community and events group such as handling finances and how to use a paying in book.

I also had a chance to run the group it was definitely a new experience, I found it difficult to start with but steadily became more confident.

I have helped out by running the raffle stand at the Pumple Fest and Spring Fest charity events before which I really enjoyed and will probably continue to do so.

Brunswick is a place where I can go and to learn, increase my confidence and not be judged as everyone is equal. The staff also understand that each worker is unique and needs to be treated with respect as well as supporting every worker in the way that is needed for them.

Brunswick has helped me in so many ways I doubt I will be leaving soon!

This is what Sam's brother Ben says he's noticed about how Sam has changed since he started at Brunswick:

Over the past two years I have seen a dramatic change in Sam both inside and outside the office.

Inside the office his confidence around approaching new situations and jobs has improved massively. He now has a tendency to give the job his full attention and with support from both Pleuni and I, usually focuses hard on being able to understand the job inside out.

Outside the office the main thing I notice is his confidence. This is most notable around the shops and social situations. His confidence to approach new people and hold more varied conversations is much more clear to see. I believe this is due to Pleuni giving Sam jobs to do outside the office during his time in the office that require him to use newly learned skills.

I believe the time Sam has spent at the Community and Events Group has by far been the most rewarding for Sam and it has resulted him progressing much further than he ever has in previous placements. He feels comfortable with all the other workers in the group and considers them all to be his friends as well as fellow workers.

I’d personally like to thank Pleuni for all the hard work she has put in helping Sam as I am in no doubt that her input is a fundamental part of what has made his time here so productive and helpful. It’s good for me to know that he feels comfortable taking direction from her and that he feels he trusts her enough to talk with her about problems or things that need clarifying.