Ros, a new resident in Bishopthorpe, volunteers for the Growing Food group at Brunswick. She joined us in 2017.

I’ve known about Brunswick for many years through visiting my daughter. When I moved from Darwen, Lancashire to Bishopthorpe I was looking for opportunities to get involved with the local community. I plucked up the courage one day to call in and enquire about volunteering. I chatted to Liz about being a volunteer and talked about my love of gardening. I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I know a weed when I see one!

I now volunteer on a Monday morning supporting the group to weed, prick out and plant. I’ve learnt a lot about vegetable growing since coming here.

Volunteering gives me a sense of satisfaction that I am helping people. I really enjoy it and it makes me feel good.

It’s a lovely atmosphere at Brunswick and the people are lovely. If I could go back 40 years I would have liked this to have been my career.