by Mamie


Lionel was a good cat he mioawed all the time he jumped

On peoples things he was a good friend.

by Stephanie

Lionel was very naughty, Kate had to tell him to climb over your coloured paint, because it was all over the table. She told him not to do it and he was putting his paw onto the wrapping paper. He was a nuisance because climbing over my friends thing that she did. He was lying on it and putting his claws into it.

drawing of Lionel by Stephanie

by Helen Kenwright

Because I work mostly off-site, I don't often get to spend as much time with the Brunswick cats-in-residence as I'd like. But Lionel would often greet me from his station by the shop when I arrived, and once he joined Adam and I for a meeting by the pond. As well as showing an interest in retail matters, he liked to get to grips with the premium organic soil Brunswick has cultivated, and to test the insulating properties of our wood chip.

Lionel the cat sitting in a raised planting bed

Like all the Brunswick cats, he was special and much-loved, and it was a privilege to work alongside him.