I came to work at Brunswick at a very challenging time in my life. A lot had changed in a short period, including redundancy from a long-term career and becoming disabled with a condition that meant I lost the balance function in both ears. I was floundering (literally and figuratively!), unsure of what I should or could do next.

I applied to Brunswick for a fundraising job, because I'd always admired what the organisation does, and how it conducts itself. I hoped I could put my skills to good use. I was terrified of having to negotiate a new workplace, wobbly as I was. But my disability quickly faded to insignificance in this place full of caring, kind, creative people - workers, staff and volunteers. There's this quality at Brunswick that's hard to describe: an underpinning sense of calm and caring, even on busy, stressful days. And a belief that everybody matters, everyone can contribute, and what matters isn't your disability or what challenges you face, but what you can do. 

That first, nervous day was in 2010, and over the years since then Brunswick has helped me to heal, learn and given me an opportunity to make a difference to something really worthwhile.

Helping to create this new website has reminded me once again what a special, inspiring place it is, growing and changing but with love at its heart. I feel lucky to be a part of it. :)