Geraldine joined the Management Committee in 1991, keen to spend time with people with learning difficulties for the inspiration and challenges they brought to her personal values and beliefs, and to express her passion for gardening. Then a Trustee of Cube Media (now Accessible Arts), Geraldine has also worked as a partner in a language school and a trained as a youth Counsellor with Open Door. After studying for an MA in Communications she worked for Community Service Volunteers Social Action Media involved with the BBC and Yorkshire Television. Whilst her daughter was young she qualified and worked as a teaching assistant and used her business and administrative skills working for the voluntary sector.

More recently she was coordinator of the Volunteer Centre for Scarborough and Whitby. Geraldine furthered her skills as a Counsellor by training with NLP for Kids and continued to keep in touch with the voluntary sector professionally as an Advisor for the Citizen Advice Bureau. For the last couple of years she has focussed on taking a lead role volunteering for her local Community Library.