by Debs Pendle

Two people with young cat

Tinker started his Brunswick career at the same time as me so I remember him well! He was the cutest ball of fluff and used to hide in the weaving loom and play with a balls of wool in the way kittens are often portrayed in childrens books! The workers got to choose his name and I remember being impressed by the democratic process by which this took place. During the working day staff encouraged workers to think about possible names, which were then put forward for nomination. All the workers got to vote for the name they liked best - so Tinker he was!

Tinker played a starring role over the years that followed and he certainly got a lot of attention. He was talked about, written about, photographed many times and his image appeared on cards, keyrings, posters and pretty much anything Brunswick produced. He was hugely important to many workers, perhaps being the only animal they had regular contact with and they played a part in feeding and caring for him and taking him to the vets when necessary. He also played a very therapeutic role and would have a very calming effect when people were upset or frustrated and angry in the way that animals so often do.

Tinker now rests in our quiet area, near  the pond  down the bottom of the nursery and still gets regular visitors to his grave. He bought so much to the project and for that we are very grateful - RIP Tinker....

by Mamie

Tinker was good he kept jumping on peoples

Things leaving dirty paw prints he was a good

Cat, Tinker  

Tinker by Stephanie

Tinker was extremely good cat. Sometimes he was naughty. He liked a ball bouncing. He liked playing with his paw.

drawing of Tinker the cat