by Adam Myers

Susan was at Brunswick before the project started. One day, not long after things had got going, Adam sat on a bench behind the broken down shed that we'd inherited with the land. The shed was overgrown, with beautiful ivy and honeysuckle, and it was there that he met Susan for the first time. She was a small, long-haired cat with the presence and character of a lion. It was a privilege to be graced by her company, and, if she wished it, her affection. Susan protected her territory diligently, and would send interlopers away (including dogs) with a cutting glare, or, if that did not work, by fluffing herself up to her full stature and scaring them off. 

Susan owned Brunswick, or at least she acted that way. We were all just visitors. She lived off her wits, on her own terms, and was answerable to no one. She showed great interest in our early efforts on site, and did not seem to disapprove.

When we started she was already old (no one knew exactly how old) and at some point she did not show up for few days. That was not unusual, but then she did not show up for a few more days, and then a few weeks. Slowly it became apparent that she had passed on. No one knows exactly what happened to her or where she died, for she was truly a cat who walked by herself.