Angela was first involved with Brunswick in the early 1990's in her role as the Community Care Planning Officer at the North Yorkshire Forum for Voluntary Organisations. Her principal tasks were to support, inform, and link voluntary organisations in the changing world of Community Care. She was very touched and impressed with what was going on at Brunswick - the enthusiasm, dedication, hopes and 'organic in every way' nature of its activity. In 1997 she returned as a customer whilst on maternity leave from the Hospice in Leeds, where she was responsible for setting up and managing a therapeutic Day Service.

Brunswick had grown, but its ethos and principals remained central and dedicated. She felt truly privileged when asked to consider joining the Management Committee, and joined in March 1998. She brings with her an ability to listen, and to support the unravelling of problems and concerns. She able to link and connect people, ideas and information, and also happy to get on with the practical aspects such as baking, clearing and washing up at events and open days. Angela currently works part time with Age UK York, and as a Road Safety Instructor for City Of York Council.