Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

Helen's made these yummy chocolate brownies to sell in our shop - this is how she did it, so you can treat yourself and make some at home. Read more

Broad Bean, Pea and Potato Salad

Young broad beans team well with early peas and new potatoes, and the fact that mint complements all three provides inspiration for an alternative to the traditional potato salad. Can be served cold or warm. Read more

Green Risotto with spinach peas and herbs

Risotto isn't just for mushrooms! This warming, filling dish showcases spinach. Read more

Roasted Asparagus

A quick, easy and delicious recipe for sweet spring asparagus. Read more

Traditional Onion Soup

A great lunch or starter, onion soup is also great for soothing coughs and colds. Read more

Spanish Tortilla

A filling, nutritious dish that makes a great alternative to sardines for your pack-up. Read more

Italian broccoli soup

This recipe uses purple sprouting broccoli for a fresh, nutritious dish. It works with other kinds of broccoli too. Read more

Carrot Bread

The humble carrot is one of our most versatile vegetables. This bread really showcases it beautifully. Read more

Curly Kale with Curried Lentils

A hearty, warming curried dish. Read more

Spiced Rhubarb

Spiced rhubarb makes a great warming dessert. It’s a lovely way of enjoying fresh rhubarb and works well with both early forced rhubarb and the stronger flavoured late season variety. Read more

Beetroot Soup

Vibrant, colourful and delicious. Read more

Mashed Swede with Cheesy Crust

Is swede just a stew vegetable for you? Try this yummy recipe and get a whole new perspective on this understated vegetable. Read more

Sesame Shredded Brussels Sprouts

Proof that brussels sprouts don't have to be served school-style (bullet-hard or boiled to mush!) - this recipe turns them into a sprightly side dish in seconds! Read more

Stuffed Fennel with Olives

Fennel is one of those veg people sometimes don't know what to do with. Wholesome and delicious, this recipe makes a lovely warming winter dish. Read more

Red Cabbage and Apple

A recipe to liven up the humble cabbage as a side dish. Read more

Leeks with Orange

An easy way to spruce up the humble leek! Read more

Potato and Parsnip Balls

A simple and tasty recipe for two of our favourite winter vegetables. (Vegan) Read more