by Tim

Thank you! We raised loads more money than we expected! We have raised £1327!

I would like to thank: Jen, Elizabeth, Tom, Caroline, Maja, George, Clive, Paul, Les, Ann, Kit, Richard, Pleuni, Lizzie, Jasmine, Abbie from York Health Watch, Richard from Priory Street Centre, Martin, Adam, Sally, Jane, Racheal, Matt from Priory Street Centre and Lauren for doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

I would also like to thank everybody who donated money!

It makes me very happy and excited that so many people support Brunswick’s Community and Events Groups.

It is exciting and amazing that I found 25 people and raised more than the target of £1250. I’m feel so proud.

Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge today was freezing.

We did really well.

We have to think when Lauren, Jane and Racheal and Sally will do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Many thanks, Tim

Pleuni says:

I would like to thank everybody for being a friend and supporter of Brunswick and the Community and Events groups. It is amazing that so many supported Tim’s Ice Bucket Challenge by donating money, raising money or doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.