Alex’s Open Mic Night

by Alex

My Open Mic Night was excellent! It was a bit difficult to organise but I did it in the end. It was a great night - lots of people came and sang.  I sang Good Day Sunshine by the Beatles. Everyone enjoyed themselves. The raffle was very well done - thank you Jane! Thank you also to Chris who was doing the music and the microphones! A big thank you to all the performers, all the volunteers who helped and to everybody who came! I raised £327!!! 

Staff Kate and I made a giant cheque. Half of the money raised will help the Social Club with events. Half of the money went on sand and cement and things for the new paved path by the potting shed. Thank you everybody who supported us!

Afterwards I felt a bit knackered, but also very happy and proud.  

Alex with giant cheque showing money raised from his Open Mic Night

Alex and friends on the brand new potting shed paving with the giant cheque